12 Best Office Romance Novels to make you swoon

Some of the best office romance novels are extremely trendy in our generation. These books never fail to excite you. The cute little stories will get you all the butterflies you need.

Some of these office romance stories that you can read are- Double Standards by Judith McNaught, Private Confessions by Lori Borril, Tangled by Emma Chase, and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.

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12 Best office romance novels to make you swoon

The stories are filled with hot characters and tempting sexual tensions. As it’s not allowed to do office PDA, the more it excites you. The restriction is what makes this love more interesting. Read this article for the best historical romance books. 

Beautiful Bastard y Christina Lauren (Office Romance Novels)

If you’re looking for a perfect office romance book, this is it. A typical story showcases sexual tension between the boss and his intern. Here, the intern is no shy girl but a force! She thinks of her boss as an arrogant bastard.

beautiful bastard by christina lauren

This story will make you fall in love as they turn enemies to lovers. Even though the story is a little cliché, the characters will make you swoon.


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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

A cute story where the opposite attracts. Two nemeses are at each other’s throats the moment they enter the office doors. You will find both of them adorable. This enemy into lovers is a must-read. 

the hating game by sally thorne

lovers is a must-read. One of the best office romance novels that you can read to relax on a Sunday. It’s hilariously cute, and the writing seems easy to understand. The book offers a light story filled with funny and witty nuances.

 You all know how love and hate work, right? So read this book to indulge yourself in their love-hate journey. 

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Tangled by Emma Chase

This is one of my favorite Emma chase books. The story of two very ambitious people who fall in love on their journey to succeed in life.

tangled by emma chase

One is Drew, and the other is Kate. Both are work-driven and confident. The extreme similarity in their personalities makes them captivating. You can count it as one of the best workplace romance stories in 2023. Here the male protagonist is arrogant, yet ladies swoon for him. With Kate, the opposite happens. Kate brings him down as one of his competitors. The book will entertain you till the end.

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Double Standards by Judith McNaught

Looking for some steamy romance books? Go for this one.

double standards by judith mcnaught

A very passionate story between the company’s president and her hired assistant. Where the president thought to charm her with her smooth talks, but her wit and her unique charisma attracted him. HE eventually finds himself falling in love with her. But does he know her? Is she really what he thinks? We have no idea about her life. Read to find more. The story becomes dangerously passionate little by little. 

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Private Confessions by Lori Borril

Books about secret love affairs are always fun to read. This book is not about affairs, though. But even more interesting. Logan Moore, the protagonist, believes he hates office romances. He thinks it always ends up in trouble. So he begins his love journey online with scorpio63. It was perfect for him as they played anonymously. The story gets steamy and interesting to read. It helped him to stop his urges toward his office colleague Trisha. Read to find out how long he can control these urges.

private confessions by lori borril

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Her gentle capture by Elizabeth Lennox

A girl who is ambitious and knows what she wants. A girl who is compassionate about her work and can achieve everything she dreams for. She is feisty and brave. When she gets stuck with the moody boss, guess what will happen? Yes, you guessed right.

her gentle capture by elizabeth lennox

Rivalry and conflicts. This brings them closer. On an exhausting day, she couldn’t help and swoon at him. His boss plays along to get to her vulnerable side. When the sexual tension becomes impossible to stop, they begin their steamy love affair.

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Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Two lawyers who hate each other’s guts. Perfectly civil but a war in the head. 8 years of rivalry stop when they work on a critical case together.

practise makes perfect by julie james

The female protagonist is a hard-core feminist who worked intensely in a male-dominated profession. She is at this stage of success only because of her hard work. On the other side, the male protagonists worked hard to ignore her and maintain a safe distance for 8 years. But when they work together, will this hate stays forever or changes into some passionate love affair?

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Legal Affairs by Sawyer Bennett

When it comes to office romance novels, this one turns out to be one of the best. It’s a feisty romantic book to make you swoon all day. The characters couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

legal affairs by sawyer bennettIt all begins when the protagonist just goes through a breakup. She decides to take up a job at a club. There she meets her new boss. The interesting heating romance will keep you hooked till the end. Their highly passionate love will be stuck in your mind all day. Sawyer yet again proves her writing skills in this book.

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Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren

Two Hollywood agents fight against each other for the same job. Yet couldn’t handle the temptations. Interesting story, right?

dating you hating by christina lauren

Christina never fails to make her audience go woo in her novels.

As the name suggests, they started from hating to dating you. When the character’s offices merge, they come to an awkward crossroads between their dreams. Read further to find out more.

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Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid

After a bad day, everyone craves love, right? This is what happens with Janie Morris. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, she lost her job. This couldn’t get any worse now. Quinn, observing it all, never failed to swoon her. He becomes the ultimate person who finds ways to dazzle her. The story gets saucier and lustful. After a point when she can’t tolerate more, she makes sure that she gets what she desires.

neanderthal seeks human by penny reid

One of the best office romance novels where you will beg for more. Their love chemistry will fail to excite you.

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The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon

Three women focused on their goals. They become best friends after dating the same man. Their story of making their dreams come true rather than finding a good husband. One of the girls, Samaiha, meets a man too good to be true. The situation gets a lot steamier for her. Daniel keeps making her knees weak.

the boyfriend project by farrah rochon

Now it’s all up to her to decide whether he is a good match for her or not.

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If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane

A fake love affair that turns out to be true. All I want to read when feeling romantic. A perfect office romance where they fake their relationship to get what they want. And it was working for them. They wanted to impress their boss and prove their loyalty to them. The relationship gets truer after faking it for too long. As far as it was working, they were falling in love too. 

if i never met you by mhairi mcfarlane

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What is the most read romance book?

Pride and Prejudice is a classic. its the most read novels till now. A good way to start reading romantic novels.

Which romantic novels are best for beginners?

You can start with Pride and Prejudice, The Boyfriend Project, and Tangled by Emma Chase.


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These 12 best office romance novels will not fail to swoon you. Get a hand on these books to ready steamy and saucy stories. From rivalries to lovers, it has all that u want from a novel. Light and engaging storylines will make you fall in love instantly. Don’t stop your urges and believe in your fantasies. Go get these novels right now. 

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