Best Online Book Club You Can Join In 2023

Book Club for Booklovers is like a party where they enjoy to the fullest. Meeting like-minded people from different places of the world is great fun. But, in this tough time during COVID 19, attending a book club and meeting people might not be possible. The only thing that is possible is meeting people online. You can meet other readers in online book club as you do in regular clubs. 


There are many different Book clubs you can join online. Many of them appear to be useless with never updated old editions. Even there are some clubs where you can find all books, but they are not arranged. When you start searching, you see many different options ad got confused. To ease down your search for Online Book Club, I came up with a list of awesome book clubs worldwide.  Click here, if you are also interested to start a new book review blog  yourself.

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Best Online Book Clubs

Here are the five best online book clubs you should check in 2023.

Reese’s Book Club

Reese Witherspoon runs this online book club. Many people don’t take it or dismiss it as a Hollywood vanity project. Before coming to any conclusion, you should consider that many of her picks are on New York Times bestseller list. The readers love every bit of it. reeses book club

There are many reasons to join this book club, and one of my favourites is that almost all books and topic centres on women. She has keen eyes and a very good choice of books. Each and every book has a huge audience, and lots of people are loving this virtual book club. The main reason is the unique collection of books here.

Story of successful women through a path of struggles, from a broken heart to a happy soul, everything is here. Books here will definitely inspire you and give you some sort of happiness too. 

To know more about Reese’s Book Club, click here.

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Oprah’s Bookclub

Oprah Winfrey runs this online book club, the first celebrity to start a Books club. She has an amazing taste in books that almost all book lovers love. Opera’s Books club one of the most popular book club in the world. 

At this stop, you will get everything from beauty, fashion, food, inspirations, health, and wellness. The website is well designed for passionate readers who love spending their time reading something interesting all the time. I love the layout and simple theme here.

oprah's book club

You will undoubtedly love this Oprah’s book club, where you can chat with an expert and sign up for the newsletters option. Read inspirational stories and magazines. Watch videos of Oprah with authors are also available. 

 To know more about Oprah’s Book Club, click here.

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Andrew Luck Book Club

This is one of my favourite book clubs online till now. The NFL football player Andrew Luck runs this Books club to spread the fire of reading among his fans. This is the best online book club if you have an Interest in football and love for books, which is a rare combination, but Andrew balanced it perfectly. This club is also open for all age groups, from young new readers to the old.

Andrew luck book club

You can get a rookie book option if you are a young reader. Picking books is one of the toughest tasks for new readers, which is no more a problem. Here Andrew shares some amazing books from his childhood. Choose Veteran if you are a mature and old reader. Andrew also shares his current reads and literary classic with veteran readers. You can choose your preference and enjoy. That’s amazing, isn’t it? 

A book club where you can meet and share your views with people. It feels really good when you meet different readers of your level. Starting with Andrew’s childhood choice, you will learn how to choose books and read them all. 

To know more about, Andrew Luck Book Club, click here.

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Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club

One of the biggest and well-known reader’s communities, Goodreads has many online book club. You can also check out all of the book clubs you want. Goodreads choice award book club is one of the most loved clubs for readers. Here you get the option to read, share and discuss highly reviewed books with your friends.


This club provides you with a wide range of amazing books with a huge audience worldwide. If you are a mature reader, you will never go back for here. The reason is that they keep updating collections from time to time. You can find books of all tastes here. So, what are your waiting for? Check out Goodreads in 2023 and join the never-ending party. 

To know more about, Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club, click here.

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Book Spark Book Club

This is the perfect platform for readers who love spending their time on social media. The creators of Book spark also provide a platform where you can share your views and discuss books in a totally new and fun way. Book Spark also has a website along with a blog and publication service for authors.

book spark book club

This book club made it easy for you to keep up with the new release. The best and also unique thing is that you have to share a picture of your current read with some Hashtags to join the community. Check out Book spark on Instagram and follow the instructions to join the fantastic reader’s community. 

To know more about, Book Spark Book Club, click here.


This is all about the best book clubs to join in 2023. Also check out all of them or go with your favourite one. I hope you liked the article and if you did then do not forget to share it with your friends. Comment your views, questions, and suggestions below in the comment section. 

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