Places To Buy Books Online That Aren’t Amazon

Books are the best friend of humans. It teleports you to a different world of your imagination and changes your worldview. It is sometimes complicated for readers to find sites for books as buying a new book can be unfriendly for your pocket, there are sometimes when readers get confused.


Buying books online is always a good option as it’s less time-consuming, and the bookshop is always with you in your pocket. Whenever you feel like buying a book, you can access it anywhere. At times books help you to make your dull day an interesting one. Books are like a mini world that works according to you. So if you are a bookworm and are looking for sites to buy good books from, these are some sites. In this article, you will come across the 7 places to buy books online that aren’t Amazon.

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7 Places To Buy Books Online That Aren’t Amazon

Online book stores have made it easy for you. These stores provide great offers and a wide range of books. Exciting offers the Provide for their customers.


If you’re a reader, this is a place you should know. Bookchor is an online site to buy second-hand books, textbooks in India. All the books are in good care.


It’s an excellent site for students who like reading; it’s affordable and has many fiction and non-fiction books. It also has free delivery options and multiple payment methods, which makes it user-friendly.

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This site is cheap and user-friendly. Gives you a wide variety of books. It also has cash on delivery available, and the books are delivered within 4-6 business days.

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

The quantity of the books is reasonable and very affordable. They will also provide e-books for a fair price, do visit it once.

This site has good quality, cheap, and affordable books. It also has the facility of in-store shopping and home delivery.

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

The books are delivered within 4-6 business days. It’s a reliable source. It is the best discount offer and is suitable for someone who is a keen reader. 

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Shop Clues

It’s an online shopping site which also has books. It has all kinds of academic, competitive, educational books, fiction, non-fiction, etc.

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

The excellent quality of books is amazing, and it has a vast collection of books. It’s a great place for book readers to buy books from. You can window shop from an exclusive collection of books.Is one of the best places to buy books online that aren’t amazon.


Exclusive books are available on pustakmandi. The number of books is excellent, and it offers many discounts.

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

Bookworms would love this site, and it also has beautiful, elegant book accessories. You should visit this site.

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Thriftbooks is one of the cheapest online bookstores one can find on the web. It offers a wide variety of used books at highly reasonable and affordable prices. 

Thriftbooks is also one of the world’s largest platforms that engage in the sale of second-hand books. It also receives considerable donations in the form of used books from various libraries. 

book reading

Along with the sale of used books, Thriftbooks also engages in selling used DVDs, C.D.s, video games, audio cassettes, etc. its headquarters are situated in Seattle, Washington.

Book Depository

Book depository is an online bookseller, the headquarters of which are situated in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the best websites to buy books from, as it offers them at very low prices. Apart from that, it is a ‘bargain shop.’ Therefore, the customer can purchase any book at an even more reasonable and satisfactory price.

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

Book depository’s service area covers the entire globe, providing its customers’ free shipment of any book, no matter where they are. 


So here is my list of the top 7 places to buy books online. These are the topic picks for you. From the given websites you can get the books for yourself. Who knows, these websites can be your go-to! 😉

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