10 Amazing Sapphic Books you must read !!

Extremely popular Sapphic books involve interesting love angles and romantic stories. With their motive to explore new ideas and feeling, it can be an insightful read for many readers. These novels will make you swoon all day.

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Some of the novels you can read are You Exist Too Much By Zaina Arafat, Small Beauty By Jia Qing Wilson-Yang, A World Between By Emily Hashimoto, and In At The Deep End By Kate Davies.


Sapphic Books You Must Read !!

These are the list of some best sapphic books that you can choose from. Also, check out these novels on new worlds of romance and well-written flawed characters.

Milk Fed by Melissa Broder

A worthwhile read by Melissa Broader. This book entails a story of an emotionally disturbed girl. With her past traumas and experiences,, Rachel is dealing with an eating disorder. She and her mother share an unhealthy and toxic relationship. 20-year-old Rachel, when meets Miriam, she explores a new dynamic in her feelings. They fell in love deeply with each other. Broder doesn’t shy away from writing the deep desires of their bodies, sexual experiences, and a sense of connection. 

milk fed by melissa broder

An uncomfortable read is yet so beautiful. One of the fascinating lesbian books to read. 

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Something To Talk About (2017)

A slow-burn romance that is full of drama and love. Presenting something to talk about that is a well-written novel explores all kinds of desires and feelings. The book also looks into matters of racism and sexual abuse.

An interesting take on lesbian reaction with chaos and romance. The novel follows Jo Jones, an experienced showrunner, and her young assistant Emma. They caught up in rumors of being a couple after their photo got viral on the red carpet, laughing together. The timing for this chaos could not get any worse. Jo gets all ready to promote her new upcoming movie, but these rumors threaten her image.

something to talk about

This affected both jo and Emma’s work and personal life. But between all this chaos, they were getting closer and closer. One might think that these rumors are not that hard to believe. As they started to spend more time together with work, they could help but get closer.

Count it as one of the most romantic sapphic books one must read.

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You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat

The novel follows a bisexual Palestinian girl living her life through emotional chaos. She breaks up with her girlfriend after her news of infidelity. The overly obsessed and hopelessly romantic girl gets into rehab for love addiction. Here, she begins her journey of self-discovery. The story of her life always revolves around love affairs with unavailable women.

you exist too much by zaina arafat

She takes time to resolve her past with her mother and discovers herself in this journey. This is special in the collection of wlw books as it touches so many underrated feelings. An important book for people who seeks self-love and confidence for being just enough. 

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Small Beauty by Jia Qing Wilson-Yang

A beautiful novel that involves grief and love. A Chinese trans woman, Mei, leaves her house after her cousin dies. She goes to a small city where she had her childhood days. It was a journey of healing and loving herself more than anything. On this journey, she encounters her past and reconnects with her family. A warm story where she meets more trans people.

small beauty by jia qing wilson yang

Mesmerizing is what it is. Resolving her past issues and diving into her late cousin’s memories is all part of healing and becoming stronger. 

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A World Between by Emily Hashimoto

The book revolves around a college romance story that becomes much more significant with time. Eleanor and Leena, college students, fell hard for each in 2004. With new thrilling feelings of love and puberty, their love escalates in no time. Then life happens, and they find other partners for them years later. But eventually, as adults, they meet again. The old love bubbles again. A novel that envelops the reality of adult life and shows the significance of growth with time. Sapphic books are always refreshing to read.

a world between by emily hashimoto

It beautifully expresses the changes in relationships and how these connections are what make up a life.

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Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier

After graduating from high school, Jane gets pregnant. Her life seems fine, though. But she isn’t. Living with her supportive boyfriend and mother, she still isn’t thrilled about the baby. Jane works as a pizza delivery girl, and all she can feel her anxiety.

pizza girl by jean kyoung

When Jane meets with a young mother, she captures a lot of unexplored wisdom and feelings. Obsessing over that woman, jane makes many more mistakes. The novel revolves around her flaws and mistakes and a lot of pain. You will be in love with the characters and storyline that entails a lot of imperfections. 

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Marriage Of A Thousand Lies by Sj Sindu

The book follows Lucky and Krishna being gay and getting married. To satisfy their Sri Lankan parents, they quickly took decided to marry. Eventually, lucky goes through changes when she meets her old love, Nisha. Their Sapphic romance will make you swoon all day. Complicated, but Lucky finds herself liking this new expedition. She rethinks about her life choices and enters into new complexities.

marriage of a thousand lies by sj sindu

This is a story that shares that love isn’t that simple. It involves many aspects and difficult choices in queer life. One of the most beautiful Sapphic books that you must read. 

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In At The Deep End by Kate Davies

This book entails a relatable story of modern love and romance. It involves dark comedy, real pain, and butterflies of love. It follows Julia, who lives in London and works for a company she hates. Julia lives with her roommate, who is happily in love, and Julia seeks love too. At a part, Julia meets a woman and starts her journey of queer life with numerous unexplored feelings.

in at the deep end by kate davies

Yet it involves pain and struggles with her needs. An exhilarating story filled with drama, laughter, and love. One f the most intriguing lesbian romance books that I’ve read.

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We Play Ourselves by Jen Silverman

An exciting read for people who love sapphic books. The story follows a Cass who acts as a bisexual playwright. This becomes a big break for her career, and many opportunities open up for her. So, Cass goes to L.A for a film project. At first, she seems to like it but eventually finds herself in complex feelings.

we play ourselves by jen silverman

The journey encounters a myriad of bisexual friendships, romances, and rivalries. When you question what is Sapphic novel, this would be a perfect example to start reading such books.

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Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

It’s a famous saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what if you drunk marry a stranger. Yes, this would be a very interesting case. This novel follows Grace, who, after her Ph.D. completion, goes to Vegas with her best friends to celebrate.

honey girl by morgan rogers

Read this novel to know her journey of what else she encounters with her wife Yuki and many more revelations about her feelings. 

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What do Sapphic books mean?

Sapphic involves drama, romance, and chaos between lesbians, bisexual women, and nonbinary people. Therefore, all lesbian books are sapphic, as are all WLW (woman love woman) books.


Sapphic books are always interesting to read as it involves so many aspects which you may never question. These stories take you to the new worlds of exploring yourself and growing through life. Extremely beautiful love stories are something to experience in these books. 

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