Top 7 online stores: Where to sell used books in 2021

In this article we will talk about Where to Sell Used Books. With the emerging popularity of book-related content going viral on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, we’ve all been plunged into the spiral of buying books just to keep up with the trends. Like it or not, you now have a library full of used books that you need to declutter.
These platforms have a way of keeping you on your toes so that you are always eager for a book spree. Not to mention that the more books you have, the more difficult it will be to organize your bookshelf. As much as you’d hate to admit it, you know a lot of those books are simply collecting dust.

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In order to continue getting on these book sprees, you need two things: money and space. You will need to make room for your new books.
That means you’ve got to say goodbye to your previously read one-time reads, school/college textbooks of previous semesters, books you only purchased just because you found their cover attractive, and the list goes on. This allows you to stretch your budget and get those new books you’ve been eyeing.
You no longer have to worry about going broke while buying books because you can sell them online.

Where to sell used books? Here are the top 7 online platforms for you:


Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform that also sells used books through third-party sellers. You can register yourself as a seller by creating a seller account.


Having said that, there is also an option wherein instead of getting cash for your sales, and you get Amazon gift cards. T This option is available as part of Amazon’s Trade-In program. Here, you can search your ISBN and check if Amazon is offering any money for your book, then fill up a form answering their questions regarding the condition of the book. Amazon is one of the best platform and answer to your: Where to Sell Used Books ?
However, because the seller must suffer numerous fees, this platform is only advised for individuals who have a large number of second-hand books to sell.

Powell’s books

Powell’s books are a blockchain of bookstores that sell both in-store and online. They feature a diverse selection of used books, including nonfiction, fiction, biographies, classics, and more.


They prefer to buy books in excellent condition only, so make sure you go through their condition guidelines before selling. Books that get rejected due to their condition are donated or recycled.
A minimum of $9 or seven books is required to place a bid.
You need to enter your IBSN to get a rate, and if you find the quote feasible, they will send you a shipping label. Payment can be made with PayPal or by using shop credit.


Where to Sell Used Books online? Well, Bookscouter is the website! As its name suggests, this site scout books for a living. Bookscouter acts as a portal for selling used books. It is home to around 30+ book buyback vendors, including some as preferred merchants with whom they have a good tie-up.

Instead of scrolling through a number of websites and then comparing each of their prices, this site allows you to do the same with just one simple search. Due to this, the seller can scout through the different range of prices offered by various companies and select the lowest or preferred one according to their convenience. They will be able to save time as a result of this.


It also comes with free shipping and rapid delivery. Each vendor has its own policies regarding the quality of the books they accept, as well as payment and delivery options. However, books with broken spines, edges, missing pages, or water damage are rarely accepted.

All you have to do is type in the ISBN number of the books you wish to sell, and a list of sites that will buy your book for a certain amount will appear. When you see an offer you like, simply click on it to be sent to the offer’s particular website. However, none of them usually accept books with broken spines, corners, missing pages, or water damage.

All you have to do is type in the ISBN number of the books you wish to sell, and a list of sites that will buy your book for a certain amount will be displayed. When you see an offer you like, simply click on it to be sent to the offer’s particular website.

Don’t let the name fool you; it buys and sells a lot more than textbooks. You can also resell your paperbacks at

Unlike some other sites, they are a little more flexible with their definition of “good condition.” Minor signs of wear and tear such as highlighting, writing, and creased pages are acceptable.


Some of their best-selling textbooks offer a ‘guaranteed cash-back’ option of 50% if the books are returned to them in good condition by the end of the semester.

The minimum buyback amount is $10. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Diners Club, and credit cards are all accepted means of payment.

If you have some rare books and if you don’t know Where to Sell Used Books? is the answer. It is particularly beneficial if you have some rare books to sell. If you only have a few books to sell, the best option would be to sell them through the website’s Book Buyback section. There you will have the option of either partnering with TextbookRush or Ziffit.


Use the former to sell textbooks. For selling any other type of book, Ziffit is the finest option. You will have to add the ISBN or scan the barcode if you are using the app on your smartphone. After which, they will display their offers.
If you have a lot of books and plan on selling them in the future, you should consider setting up a professional account and paying $25 or more per month.
To sell, you must have a minimum of $15 worth of books. Payment can be done by check or using PayPal.


selling books etsy
selling books etsy

Etsy is known for selling unique and vintage products. But guess what? Books have also managed to make their mark there.
The charge per listing is 20 cents. You must pay a transaction charge of 5% of the total price for each sale. You can spend money on advertising, just like Amazon, to boost the visibility of your listing.



Where to Sell Used Books ? eBay is most famous as an auction market. To start selling your books, you should select the book category and list the ISBN of the book. This usually displays information about the book and asks you to provide additional details regarding the book’s quality and details.
Consider the number of books you want to sell, the amount of time and investment you’re willing to make, and which then choose the site that sounds the most convenient and practical to you.


That’s all for the platforms Where to Sell Used Books. I hope you find a way to sell or rent your books so that they can be useful for someone else.

Also, never forget to donate them too because charity is important.

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