Upcoming Books You Must Give A Try [Top 10]

From bestselling writers like Morgan Jerkins novels to magical realism, thrillers, and musical memoirs, there’s something for everyone. Check out our upcoming books of 2021 to pre-order now, and be sure to add them to your must-read list. You’ll thank yourself later!

upcoming books

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Upcoming Books You Must Give A Try

These are our top 10 picks :

The Sooley by John Grisham

John Ray Grisham Jr. is a prominent legal thriller author, attorney, politician, and activist in the United States. His books are available in 42 languages around the world. In this sappy novel about a South Sudanese teen’s journey from his poor home to the world of American sports. Grisham hits a home run. In the midst of the civil war’s relative calm, Samuel Sooleymon, 17. He invites to try out for South Sudan’s national basketball team.

upcoming books

He is the best basketball player in his village of Lotta. Solomon’s natural athleticism appeals to national team coach Ecko Lam, despite his lack of proven passing and shooting skills. A rebel rampage through Lotta is portrayed in gruesome detail while Sooleymon is away in the United States for an exhibition game, with the fate of his family unknown. Solomon is determined to return home after learning of the attack. But Lam convinces him that there is little he can do. He eventually accepts a full scholarship to North Carolina Central University, where he earns the nickname.  Sooley  one of the upcoming books and dedicates himself to studying in order to raise the money he needs to move his family to the United States.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Andrew Taylor Weir is an American author whose debut novel, The Martian, was adapted into a film directed by Ridley Scott in 2015 with the same name. In 2016, he won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Project Hail Mary is one of the part scientific mystery upcoming books, part dazzling interstellar journey that rivals The Martian in terms of exploration, speculation, and survival—while bringing us to places it never dreamed of going. Ryland Grace is the only survivor on a desperate, last-ditch quest, and if he fails, mankind and the entire planet will perish.

upcoming books

Except he doesn’t realize it right now. He can’t recall his name, much less the meaning of his task or how to accomplish it. All he knows is that he’s been sleeping for an inordinate amount of time. And he’s just awake of millions of miles away from civilization, with just two corpses to keep him company. With his crewmates dead and his memories hazily returning, he knows he now faces a difficult mission. It’s up to him to defeat an extinction-level threat to our existence alone on this tiny ship cobbled together by every government and space agency on the planet and launched into the depths of space.

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The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet by John Green

“Looking for Alaska”, “An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns”, “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Turtles All the Way Down” are among John Green’s works. His books have won a Printz Medal, a Printz Honor, and an Edgar Award, among other honors. John has twice been a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize, and TIME magazine named him one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. Throughout this masterful set, John Green’s knack for storytelling shines through.

upcoming books

The Anthropocene Reviewed is one of the upcoming books where unironic celebration of falling in love with the earth and an open-hearted discovery of the directions we forge. The Anthropocene is the latest geologic epoch in which humans have dramatically altered the planet’s biodiversity and climate. From the QWERTY keyboard to sunsets to Canada geese and Madagascar Penguins, bestselling author John Green rates various aspects of the human-centered world on a five-star scale in this extraordinary symphony of essays adapted and expanded from his groundbreaking podcast. The reviews are funny, nuanced, and full of detail, charting the inconsistencies of modern humanity. We are both far too strong and far too weak as a species, a paradox that came into sharp focus as we faced a global pandemic that both divided and united us.

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling American author duo. The Soulmate Equation is one of the upcoming books that is funny and heartfelt shows the delicate balance between fate and choice can never be measured. Jess Davis is an expert in data and numbers, but no amount of calculating can persuade her to return to the dating scene. Jessica has been left behind far too many times to feel comfortable letting anyone in.

upcoming books

She was raised by her grandparents, who now help her raise her seven-year-old daughter, Juno. Jess clings to her loved ones, but working nonstop to stay afloat is exhausting and lonely. But then Jess learns about GeneticAlly, a new DNA-based matchmaking business that promises to revolutionize dating. Dr. River Pena, the creator of GeneticAlly, has an unheard-of 98 percent compatibility with her. Since she already knows Dr. Pena, this is one number she can’t wrap her head around.

Without a doubt, the arrogant, obstinate man is not her soulmate. Despite her cynicism about the project and disdain for River, Jess, who is barely scraping by, is in no position to say no. As the pairing that could make GeneticAlly a fortune in stock prices is pulled from one case to the next, Jess starts to understand that there could be more to the scientist and the science behind a soulmate than she figured.

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Before leaving Knopf/Doubleday to write her debut novel “The Other Black Girl”, Zakiya Dalila Harris worked in their editorial for nearly three years. Zakiya earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School before working in publishing. Guernica and The Rumpus have published her essays and book reviews. “The Other Black Girl” is a razor-sharp mystery and sly social commentary that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last twist. It’s ideal for anyone who has ever felt exploited, challenged or ignored in the workplace.

upcoming books

Nella Rogers, a 26-year-old editorial assistant at Wagner Books, is fed up with being the only Black employee. She gave up of the loneliness and microaggressions, so when Harlem-born and grown Hazel begins working in the cubicle next to hers, she’s overjoyed. However, they’ve only just begun contrasting natural hair care regimens when a series of unsettling incidents elevate Hazel to Office Darling, leaving Nella in the dust. Then the notes start to show up on Nella’s desk, asking her to leave Wagner. It’s difficult to believe Hazel is the source of these threatening messages. But as Nella spirals and obsesses about the nefarious powers at work, she discovers that there’s a lot more at stake than just her job.

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The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang’s books: “The Kiss Quotient” and “The Bride Test,” have received praise from Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Goodreads, respectively. She was first diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2016. In May 2021, The Heart Principle  with the other upcoming books is ready to announce. To the untrained eye, Quan Diep seems to be a sulky playboy. The issue is that he isn’t any of those things. And now that he’s the CEO of an up-and-coming retail company, he’s suddenly a “catch,” and the rich girls who never used to pay attention to him—especially Camilla, the girl who brushed him off many years ago—are looking at him in a new light.

the heart principle by helen hoang

Anna Sun despises Quan Diep and will never confess to having a secret crush on him, particularly. He only has eyes for her charismatic younger sister Camilla, who is newly engaged. Anna has worked tirelessly to resolve her OCD over the years. She’ll always have to find a way to bury her fears and not let Quan ruin her sister’s engagement and, with it, a crucial real estate development contract. She gradually erodes Quan’s dangerous and reckless exterior while simultaneously shedding her own rough, defensive skin. Quan forcing him to overcome his hurtful past and learn to forgive as he learns Anna’s true intentions, while Anna faces her biggest challenge, that is, finally opening herself up to love.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is the author of eighteen books, including “Good in Bed,” “The Summer,” and “Hungry Heart,” are the upcoming books which debuts at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Releasing on 5 May 2021, “That Summer” is a tale about surviving our pasts, facing our futures, and the enduring bonds of friendship. It was set in the manicured Main Line of Philadelphia and the wild landscape of the Outer Cape.

that summer by jennifer wiener

Daisy Shoemaker should be happy with her flourishing cooking company and a lovely home in the Philadelphia suburbs; however, she is unable to fall asleep. While Daisy tries to figure out what’s the root cause of her frustration, she’s also been receiving misdirected emails intended for a woman named Diana Starling, whose email address is just one punctuation mark away from her own. Daisy’s life is a far cry from Diana’s glamorous, elegant single-lady existence. The two women meet and become friends after an apology leads to an invitation. When they get closer, though, it becomes clear that their relationship was not entirely coincidental. 

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Write Me A Love Story by Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh is an Indian software engineer and the author of nine novels, including: “I Too Had a Love Story,” “Can Love Happen Twice?” and “The Belated Bachelor Party.” “Write Me a Love Story” is expected to release in May 2021 with the other upcoming books. Abhimanyu Razdan, the blue-eyed boy of Indian publishing, is known for his bestselling romances that drive his readers to tears. Pagerank, a new publishing company, is searching for an A-list author.

write me a love story

As a result, when Abhimanyu’s contract with his current publishers expires, PaperInk agrees to take over. But Abhimanyu isn’t like the delicate and emotional characters he creates in his novels. Intoxicated on success, he gets into a heated argument with Asmita, PaperInk’s literary fiction editor, even before their first meeting. Despite her apology, he is even more offended when he learns that Asmita despises popular fiction, especially the kind he writes. He swears he’ll teach her a lesson that might cost her her career. Abhimanyu and Asmita are at odds with each other. But destiny has other plans for them, and they soon discover that there is no getting away from love.

Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most by Greg McKeown

Greg McKeown is a leadership and market consultant, as well as an author and public speaker. McKeown is the co-author (with Liz Wiseman) of the “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make You Smarter” and the author of “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” Both books have achieved New York Times bestseller status. Essentialism is a business and self-leadership book that explores how to find out what’s important, how to get rid of what’s not. How to make doing what matters as simple as possible.

upcoming books

Effortless involves ideas like the “90 percent law,” which enables people to pay more attention to things they are “more than 90% of interest in”.  And less attention to other facets of their lives. Greg McKeown urged readers to eliminate nonessential activities and focus on the few that truly matter.  The issue, he discovered, is that modern life’s complexity has developed a false dichotomy between what is “important and difficult” and what is “simple and trivial.”  But what if the minor tasks became more difficult while the more important ones became easier? What if the relevant projects were fun while the frivolous distractions became completely unappealing? It can be in the the list of best upcoming books.

Finding Ashley by Danielle Steel

With around a billion copies of her novels hit, Danielle Steel hailing as one of the world’s most influential writers. The Numbers Game, The Wedding Dress, and Daddy’s Girls are among her international bestsellers.  “Finding Ashley,” her next novel, will be published on April 27, 2021. Finding Ashley is a masterwork of modern compelling tale about the human spirit’s ability to pursue an elusive dream.

It’s the story of two solid, courageous women who transform heartbreaking loss into reconnection. As well as a family reunited after exposing dark secrets. Melissa Henderson lives a peaceful life. She used to be a bestselling author. Now she devotes her time and energy to renovating a Victorian home in the foothills of rural New England. Her young son died of cancer six years ago, and her marriage ended. She paused in her writing. Melissa found a passion and came alive when she bought the old house and restored it to its former glory.

finding ashley

Melissa gets a call from her sister, Hattie, after she sees a wildfire that threatens her home on the news. Hattie, who became a nun at the age of twenty-five. She is now eager to assist Melissa even though it means revisiting one of her most traumatic memories. Melissa, who was sixteen at the time, was sent to a dreary convent in Ireland. She give up—her baby to save her family from embarrassment. After all these years Hattie feels compelled to embark on a quest.  That will forever change both of their lives in order to find the child Melissa abandoned.

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So, my list end here. I hope that you loved our picks of upcoming books. Which are your most anticipated books for the year? Did one of yours make it to our list? Let us know!  Feel free to surf through my site to find more such content on books! Have a nice day!

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