What Happens If You Don’t Read Books?

What happens if you don’t read books? Well, this is one of the best questions for today’s era of the digital world. If asked before the pandemic, the answer might differ from what I will explain today. “what happens if you don’t read books?”

reading book

There is a well-known proverb, “Life is better with books.” Still, life is better with books. Here, I want to decorate this quote with one of my opinions that depicts the present scenario: life is good with digital gadgets. So let’s get into the question of “what happens if you don’t read books?” If you want to start with clean books, look for 33 clean books here.

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Why Must One Read Books Instead Of Using A Mobile Phone?

A book is considered one’s good companion, which provides a lot more than our expectations but today, the picture is different. Reading books creates new thoughts, imaginations, and innovations inside one’s mind. In other words, it germinates the seed of proper knowledge rather than wrong information. One must become smarter by gathering correct understanding. Remember, half or inappropriate knowledge is always dangerous for society.

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What happens if you don’t read books? Let’s talk about today’s world; using kindle for reading and listening is a good choice. At the same time, watching movies on Netflix, playing PubG, or enjoying gossip, videos, reels on social media. I am trying to say that full-time entertainment will never lead to any destiny, and it is a waste of time, power, and money. I am not asking you to stop entertaining yourself, but one must use it for a limited period. Don’t ever make a habit because these gadgets will soon convert this habit into addiction. All of us are aware of the real meaning of addiction. So, you decide to choose and what to leave.

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How To Cope-Up With The Present Scenario Of The Digital World?

I know, what are you thinking about? It’s that, how to make these gadgets away from lives, as they are the need of today’s world. Not to worry at all. There is a solution to every problem. For this, let us start with a step-by-step practice. I am sure these practices will help you a lot. 

Time Management

What happens if you don’t read books? “Time plays a crucial role in our life.” We have to start managing it properly. Give time for proper sleep. Do not use digital gadgets during your sleeping hours. Your exercise and diet come next to sleep. So, try to take a good diet on scheduled hours, daily.

time management

Do not skip any diet by giving why mobiles are more important than food. This habit is the worst. Exercise as your daily task and remember you will remain fit by doing daily exercises instead of using mobile. You must take care of such overall time management of using mobile.

Social Interactions

“Human is a social animal” is a very true proverb, but nowadays, this is diminishing. You have to take care of yourself, and you do it through social interactions. For which you have to put your mobile phones aside and walk out of your doors.

social interaction

Here the doors play the role of your insides. Go for a walk or get-together or park or meet your friends, relatives, neighbors, or the one you want to meet with an open heart. Start from now, and you will see the happiness of good vibes inside you, which will never come from using a mobile phone.

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Become Creative

“You are the one of your own, in this world.” So what happens if you don’t read books? All of us know this fact but significantly less believe in it. I aim to enlighten your creativity, whether it’s cooking, crafting, music or writing.


I have no idea if you have which imagination, but I am 110 percent sure that you are someone with exceptional creativity. Give time to that and create yourself instead of watching others on social media. Let them talk about your imagination someday.

Enjoy Nature

“Nature is the best healer.” Most of us are nature lovers and try to make our nature more beautiful and pollution-free. But here I am talking about the feeling never experienced by gadgets.


Start enjoying the chirping of birds, a whisper of leaves, the twinkling of stars, and many more. The world is full of such different miracles of nature, and just grasp those moments for the lifetime treasure.

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Habit Of Reading

What happens if you don’t read books? After applying the above-mentioned powerful formulas, start reading books of your interests. Gain knowledge for yourself as well as for society. As I told you before also, half knowledge is dangerous.

habit of reading

So, try to complete that dangerous knowledge you have gathered from social media in terms of entertainment from books or kindle. Remember, always try to jump into the sea of learning through books and not from social media.


So, what happens if you don’t read books? If you came to the last section of takeaways, this means you are a good reader and know the importance of reading. So, try to improve your reading skills and discover the correct information. As you know, “half knowledge is harmful to you as well as to society.” Therefore, keep reading and take yourself away from the digital world for unnecessary entertainment. I hope this article will help you.

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