Where To Sell Books Near Me in 2022 | Top Picks

A book is a garden, a party, an orchard, a storehouse, a company, by the way, a counsellor, and a multitude of a counsellor.

                                                                                             – Charles Baudelaire

And it is a proven fact that in every reader’s life, they don’t get the right thing to read always which they wish to in times, so the treasure of reading books changes from time to time. With this, few keep what they get and few changes it or sell it so that others who actually wish to read they get it. Where to sell books near me in 2022 is easy to answer. 

where to sell books near me

With this, the immediate question that comes to mind is that, where to sell books near me?

Be it the best books of the decade or the spookiest books, we will help you find a place to sell your books!

Here’s an interesting catch you’ll get to sell your books online with humongous buyers with various options to sell, whether it’s hardcover, paperback or a textbook, selling books by the pound. If you’re thinking : “What are the places to sell used books near me ?” Why not sell them online or to bookstores that buy used books?

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Where To Sell Books Near Me?

The top  places to sell used books are:


The first option which comes to my mind is Amazon, as it provides various options for selling books online. One of the top 5 companies in the US, the America-based multinational company- Amazon, can help and land you to sell and earn by selling the used books.


The first option I get is through a trade-in program, where one can search the book using the ISBN (13 digits code,) which also offers money that reflects Amazon credit.

If you’re opting for selling books through Amazon, there could be two methods following that- FBA and FBM.

FBA, Fulfilled by Amazon. Hereby, Amazon would take up all the responsibilities of the books to be sold. The responsibilities mentioned may include picking, packing, and selling the books. Adding to that, it may also include the storing facility of the books in their inventory. Meanwhile, Choosing FBM over FBA, you would have the burden of all these over your head to be done by yourself. Did we resolve your question of where to sell books near me, if not we have more options available.

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Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books let you bring the books that you want to sell personal to the store for the appraisal but also it provides an online facility in case someone is not able to reach the store. If you are haunted by the where to sell books near me nightmare, Powell’s Books is here to save the day.

powel's Books

Another thing to keep in mind is that Powell’s accepts only those in excellent conditions. Also, one can easily check the price quote using the ISBNs, and money can be credited via PayPal.

Visit : Powell’s Book

Half Price

The motto of this company reads, “We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday’s newspaper.”

Like Powell’s, Half Price also brings up lots of option in terms of selling online.

half price

Selling books at Half Price is very easy as you can pack up books and directly send them to the store. Where the bookseller will appraise your books and keep you informed. Also, you can browse the stacks of books out there, and they’ll ping you up when your offer is ready. Thinking will I get used book buyers near me? Half Price will help you!

Visit : Half Price

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Cash4Books works quite differently than the sites mentioned above, as they don’t create any marketplace to sell; instead, they buy them directly from you, and you can sell books by the pound. Like others, you can also keep track of your books by using the 13-digit ISBNs code. So as to have a proper search over it.


Depends on you if you like the offer go and the selling option and there your work is done. And once the buyer receives the book, you will get the approval message and the payment will be done using PayPal, or they have another option. And that is through cheque, which also depends on your preference. If your question of where to sell books near me is still not resolved, have a look at our last option on this list.


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As is visible, there are multiple options you have when you question where to sell books near me and that too with a high profit. So, try one of the best options to sell your books and start making money from your unwanted books! NOW!

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