Best World War 2 Books For Middle School In 2021

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to study history? History helps one know about past events and gain knowledge on how everything that is today is the way it is. History is one of the subjects that most students find boring and useless. Still, when it comes to tragic events that hold important dates in history, it becomes interesting and increases students’ curiosity. One such massive event which marks the essential phase of our history is World War 2. It is one of the crucial and important topics every child must know about. This article will help all the middle school students to find the top 5 wonderful books on World War 2 to enhance their knowledge and learn several life lessons from the stories of World War 2.

Top 5 World War 2 Books For Middle School

Let’s dive in to the list now!

Diary of A Young Girl – by Anne Frank

“Diary of a young girl” is one of the WWII books for middle school, which is quite famous among students as it is also provided in many schools for projects and assignments. This is not a novel or imaginary book. Rather it is Anne Frank’s diary . She was a Jewish victim of the Holocaust. The book takes you over the life events of Anne and how she and her family manage to survive for a long time under the Nazis. That is until they are found and taken to the concentration camps.

diary of a young girl
Diary of A Young Girl

The book has many important messages, one of which is that every person has the right to live in freedom. Which makes it a very meaningful World War 2 book for middle school students. Anne’s story shows us that individuals might be of different religions or races. But it doesn’t mean that they ought to be treated differently. The book gives you a detailed insight into how the Jewish people were worried and stressed about being found and taken to the concentration camps and how their lives differed from others in World War 2.

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Snow Treasure – Marie McSwigen

This book is a historical fiction based on the Norwegian Children’s real-life events who assisted with pirating out the country’s gold stores under the noses of the possessing German military during World War II. This book’s original year of publishing is 1942. It has still kept the readers interested and has an active audience.

snow treasure
Snow Treasure

This is one of the World War 2 books for middle school students, which is well written to keep the readers engaged and curious about what happens next. It shows the heroic attitude of the children and how they overcome their fears to save their country. Every person could relate to the children’s characters in the book. As every person has a secret desire to do something heroic once in their life.

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Paper Wishes – by Lois Sepahban

Lois Sepahban’s Paper Wishes is a disastrous middle-grade novel and piece of historical fiction set during World War II. It is about love, adoration, yearning, and a young lady who at last discovers her voice. According to the New York Times – “It’s a novel that stays, bravely, in that place of pain, making clear that scars will be left behind not only for the children whose families were incarcerated but also for the generations that follow. And yet, although the tone is sober and sad, it’s also a ­novel in which a mute child finds her voice, ­at last.”

paper wishes
Paper Wishes

The novel consists of a story of a ten-year-old girl whose family has to relocate to a Japanese internment camp during World war two and because of which she has to leave her dog behind in Bainbridge Island. The book is an emotional roller coaster as it focuses on the bond between the girl and her grandfather’s dog. This book is one of the ww2 books for middle school, which is a must-read.

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The Endless Steppe – by Esther Hautzig

This book portrays the sensational encounters of Esther Hautzig during the Second World War as a youthful young person and a must-read world war 2 book for 5th graders. Because the Soviet powers, possessing Poland saw her Jewish and entrepreneur family as “class adversaries”. She has to leave her comfortable and pure life in Vilna at ten years old. Where after she is deported to Siberia.

the endless steppe
The Endless Steppe

The horrid reality of the things a young girl has to experience. Starting from a terrible journey in a cattle car loaded with many things and heading to an unknown destination. It is considerably convincing to read as it is completely true. The book portrays the difficulties she confronted. For instance: starvation, seclusion from some other family members such as her grandma. Working in potato fields, and the absence of fundamental necessities like appropriate coats for the harsh Siberian winter. The book is also available in an audio version with Esther’s voice making it more real and emotional.

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Candy Bomber

The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot” – by Michael O. Tunnell

The book is non-fiction based on the true story of an American pilot. Who knew the offspring of Berlin were enduring after the end of WWII. This ww2 book is for kids who want to delve deeper into the realm of world war 2. The Russian barricade kept food and supplies from being shipped besides via air from Britain and America.

candy bomber
Candy Bomber

US Air Force Lieutenant Gail S. Halvorsen chose to carry a touch of desire to the youngsters by dropping treats and gum by parachute. This one-time motion developed to be known as “Activity Little Vittles.” The book has a well-written storyline. It is interesting to the readers and keep them curious. Moreover, the language is easy and simple to comprehend.

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So here I would like to conclude the article. Hopefully, the article helps you get your hand on the best World War 2 books for middle school students. Go get your stack of books today. Read the books mentioned above to boost your knowledge. Experience the thrilling air of World War 2.

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