Top10 Picks for Best George Washington Biography

george washington

People tend to find biographies interesting because they give us an insider view of famous and honorable people. But, these books become more helpful when they are related to people who inspired the whole generation and many more. One of those people is honorable George Washington. George Washington was a statesman, an American soldier, United … Read more

5 Best Books For Data Structure and Algorithms

best books for data structures and algorithms

In a virtual system, a data structure is a way of arranging data. Consider number sequences or data tables: both are well-defined data structures. In this article, we have provided a list of the best books for data structures and algorithms. Data structure and algorithms An algorithm is a set of instructions that a computer … Read more

Top 5 Best Thomas Jefferson Biography Picks

thomas jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most commemorated successful politicians in history. His sense of patriotism, philosophical insight, and political wisdom made him rank high amongst the triumphant politicians. Thomas Jefferson, an American president, made a significant contribution to the creation of the modern USA. Choose the Best Thomas Jefferson Biography for your next read. … Read more

7 Best Books For Intellectual Growth

best books for intellectual growth

Books are the best friend of everyone. The more you will spend time reading, the more you will learn. Your brain thinks more and your intellect, as well as vocabulary,¬†will also increase which helps in every possible way. The best books for intellectual growth will enhance your critical thinking skill and further will bring peace … Read more

Novels Set in Italy [2021]- The Top 7 Sets

Do you find yourself drifting from reality immersed in the pages of fantasy? Well, you are not alone. Novels set in beautiful countries like Italy fuel our excitement and transport us to those sites, urging us to travel. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our desire to explore new destinations has been restricted. Irrespective, people … Read more

The Top 7 Florida Books [2021]

florida books

The first question that arrives at one’s mind as soon as his eyes fall upon the topic is, “What are Florida Books?” Of course, many people are familiar with the term “A Florida Book,” but then there are quite a handful of people who feel a little bewildered after hearing this term. Trust us, and … Read more

7 Places To Buy Books Online That Aren’t Amazon

places to buy books online that aren't amazon

Books are the best friend of humans. It teleports you to a different world of your imagination and changes your worldview. It is sometimes complicated for readers to find sites for books as buying a new book can be unfriendly for your pocket, there are sometimes when readers get confused. Buying books online is always … Read more

Top 7 Websites to Find Free Audiobooks Online [2021]


In this article, we will discuss Some of the Best sites to Find Free Audiobooks Online. It’s simple to understand why audiobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years: There’s something enticing about stories given to live by professional performers who can bring dimension to a variety of characters. Audiobooks are your portable friend if … Read more


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What makes our time as humans on earth eternally beautiful and meaningful is that we are all eternally doomed. We are doomed to be messy, to hurt and be hurt, and to continue loving and living nonetheless. It is the impermanence of life and the permanence of love that makes living worth our efforts. As … Read more